SSCC Services

The SSCC offers the following services:

  • Statistical consultants who are experts on the most popular statistical software and can answer many methodological questions. (Statistical Consulting)
  • Training on statistical computing, including workshops and an extensive Statistical Computing Knowledge Base. (SSCC training is open to anyone associated with UW-Madison, not just members.)
  • Statistical Software, including Stata, SAS, SPSS, R, HLM, NVivo, ATLAS.ti and many more. See our software database for a complete list. The SSCC purchases all the licenses and makes the software available on servers so there’s no need to buy your own copy or install it on your computer.
  • Winstat, the SSCC’s Windows Terminal Server farm. Winstat provides convenient access to the software described above from any location using your own Windows PC, Mac, Linux computer or even iPad. Programs are run using the server’s powerful hardware. Winstat also provides convenient remote access to files stored on the SSCC’s network disk space. (Using Winstat)
  • Silo, SSCC’s restricted data environment. Silo allows researchers to analyze restricted data, including data covered by HIPAA, in an easy-to-use computing environment very similar to Winstat.
  • Network Disk Space that is large, secure, and backed up nightly. Space is provided in both private home directories and shared “project” directories. (Network Disk Space at the SSCC)
  • Linstat, the SSCC’s Linux computing cluster. Linstat has much of the same statistical software installed as Winstat, and is ideal for serious number cruching. (Using Linstat)
  • Condor flock specially configured for statistical software. Condor is ideal for very long jobs or running large numbers of jobs at the same time. (An Introdution to Condor)
  • Flash, the SSCC’s High Performance Computing Cluster, for user-written programs that can take advantage of many CPUs. (Using the SSCC’s High Performance Computing Cluster)
  • Computer labs in the Sewell Social Sciences Building, including a Computer Classroom. (SSCC Computer Labs)
  • Sensitive Data Facilities for researchers working with data that require special security precautions, such as data that cannot be stored on a networked computer. This services is provided in collaboration with Letters & Science and is only available to Letters & Science members. (Senstive Data Facilities)
  • Help Desk for assistance with general computing issues and problems using SSCC resources. SSCC members in the Sewell Social Sciences Building receive their PC Support from the SSCC. (Help Desk)